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A $875 value per restaurant

At Axial Our mission is to contribute to the experiences of restaurant teams by helping to drive sales, reduce turnover and control expenses, and as a Texas owned Company we would love to support your COVID recovery.
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Full and Quick Service Clients


Profit in restaurants is made on the floor and on the line. Spend More Time on Guest Experience and Less Time in the Office. 

Don't spend hours tediously compiling information from point of sale systems, Axial takes out the hard work and delivers immediate actionable information.


Improve Team Experience. Improve Profitability.

Axial clients have seen a drastic reduction in turnover.

Axial makes it easy for your team to evaluate their own performance and make time and attendance requests. Axial makes it transparent for management to know how and where to focus on their team and easy to address their needs. Reduce turnover by allowing your team to spend less time hunting down information, empowering your people's development and reducing the risk of confusion and paycheck errors.

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For Management

React More Quickly

Connect your POS data to Axial and get real-time insights into your operations, giving you the ability to make immediate informed decisions.

Eliminate Friction

Building schedules is simple and transparent, providing immediate feedback about the scheduling plan relative to sales and labor projections.

Improve Awareness

Information is reported in context, at high frequency and in easy to understand formats, allowing your team to take their professional growth to the next level.

For Staff

Increase Tips

Visibility for your staff as to how customers are responding to their service relative to their peers drives competition for higher tips among service staff.

Reduce Turnover

Team members can view and request changes to their punches as well as manage their own availability, time off requests, shift changes and pick up shifts.

Drive More Sales

Staff can view their own sales performance relative to their peers and management can provide personalized feedback for selling employees, driving increased sales.


Plans Designed to Fit Your Needs

Axial has no setup fees and takes only minutes to install and start using.
Sign up for a free trial to see how Axial can improve your organization today. 



Unlimited Locations

  • Limited Nightly Performance Summary Emails
  • Unlimited POS data backups
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Level 1

$125/mo per location
FREE For TRA Members

Through December 2021

  • Real-time Operations Mobile App
  • Complete Nightly Performance Summary Emails
  • Advanced Online Reports
  • Unlimited POS data backups
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Level 2

$200/mo For TRA Members

per location

Everything from Level 1, plus...

  • Employee On-Boarding and Records
  • Team Scheduling and Development
  • Vendors and Purchase Tracking
  • Projections and Budgeting
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About Axial

We created Axial Commerce in order to alleviate common issues that restaurants experience. With backgrounds in both restaurant ownership and software development, we took our shared knowledge and created a solution that businesses can use to improve their profits, turnover, and more.

Our Story


Co-Founder & President
Ellis is a 20-year veteran of the restaurant industry and a 14-year veteran of various technology businesses. Ellis has been inspired by his experiences using technology to improve quality of life and operations by integrating approachable modern technology into daily business tasks.

Ellis & his team are passionate about collecting and sharing operational information at high frequency to educate and inform great decisions at every level. Our mission is to rapidly grow the capabilities of our customers and the knowledge of their teams.

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