Performance Feedback

The Value Of Performance Feedback In Restaurants

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Feedback is a gift, but too often in restaurants, employees operate in a vacuum with little communication on their performance. The most profitable restaurants emphasize accurate, timely, constructive, and focused feedback with their staff. This is how they do it.

Working On Restaurant Software

The Software Conundrum Facing The Restaurant Industry

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Technology is an integral part of the restaurant industry, but the software landscape facing restaurant operators is fragmented and confusing. It’s time for a better solution that is simple, intuitive, and that makes sense in the day-to-day flow of a restaurant.

Busy Restaurant

Financial Literacy In Restaurants Matters

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The key to a high-functioning restaurant is unlocking access to data and making it available to staff in a timely manner. The most successful operators emphasize this in their restaurants.

Labor Planning

Restaurant Labor Planning Can Be Smart And Simple

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One of the determining factors in operating a profitable restaurant is how well you plan your labor and forecast sales. It’s much easier said than done, but Axial Commerce helps restaurant staff solve this problem.

Bakery Point of Sale

Reimagining The Restaurant Employee Experience

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By shifting the focus to emphasize a great employee experience in restaurants, Axial Commerce’s software is able to improve the dining experience and solve the biggest pain points of managing a restaurant.