Happy Restaurant Staff

Our Vision To Accelerate The Learning Curve In Restaurants

Ellis Winstanley Product

Earlier this summer, we emphasized the importance of performance management software in restaurants. Performance Management is different from reporting tools.

We realize, though, that buying software and using it are two different things entirely.

Through trial and error at my own restaurants, we’ve learned what helps drive software adoption among restaurant staff.

We’ve taken these lessons and built them into Axial’s platform.

Availability Of Information At Restaurants

Axial was designed to raise the capabilities and improve the experiences of restaurant teams (including staff) by creating transparency around their performance.

We achieve this by showing individuals their sales, tips, and check averages (among other metrics) relative to the whole team’s performance in short time intervals throughout the day. The consistency and relevancy of this data combined with the high frequency that it’s shown helps staff absorb the information. Imagine having to wait a week to see how you fared? That’s far less impactful and feels out of date to employees.

Also, accessibility is a crucial part of product adoption, and at the touch of a button using the Axial app, restaurant staff can review their performance and compare it to their peers. No mental math is required to understand the data. Thousands of calculations run in the background to eliminate the need for spreadsheets, and there’s no five-step process to uncover insights.

Appealing To All Learning Types

The best software caters to all learning styles.

Some people are visual learners. Other people digest information easier when it’s framed against a predetermined benchmark. Then there are others who want raw data so they can process it themselves.

As such, we developed the BAR method (benchmark, analysis, raw data), which enables restaurant managers and staff to use the app to set a goal, monitor their progress through charts/graphs, and leverage the raw data.

Our intention is for restaurant staff to use the Axial app often, but for short time periods. It doesn’t need to take long for someone to get what they need and then get out. The longer someone spends in our app, the more time they’re away from other high-value tasks at the restaurant.

That’s a key differentiator for Axial, and it’s why our clients are seeing such positive outcomes.

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