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Less Is More When It Comes To Improving Restaurant Performance

Ellis Winstanley Product

I’ve been fortunate in my career to be involved in multiple business turnarounds both inside and outside the restaurant industry.

Contrary to popular belief, the deciding factor in improving a business is not implementing some new, innovative idea. Rather, I’ve learned that it is what you stop doing that often has the biggest influence on a business’ success.

That’s why in any turnaround, the sooner you can identify the things that don’t make sense and stop doing those things, the faster the business will recover and rebound.

Simplifying Restaurant Operations

This concept is particularly important in restaurants.

Typically, managers are pulled in a number of directions, and oftentimes find themselves overwhelmed by distractions.

During any given shift, a manager could be meeting a vendor, fixing equipment, finding an employee fill-in, and supervising the dining experience. That says nothing of the administrative work, which often causes the most friction. It’s time-consuming, and many restaurants rely on multiple different systems to run their operations.

The tension between all of these competing tasks is the source of most managers’ headaches. Therein lies the opportunity.

Listen To The Wise Words Of Mr. Miyagi

If you recall in Karate Kid, Mr. Miyagi said that the best way to avoid a punch is to not be there when it’s thrown. Same idea in the restaurant business. If you want to avoid headaches, the best approach is to eliminate the administrative burden to begin with.

Software should make our lives easier, but it becomes counterproductive when there are so many disparate tools. We know this firsthand. At my restaurant El Arroyo, we once used seven different software programs!

We designed Axial Commerce as a one-stop solution for restaurant owners to manage their store’s performance. Our software is simple, so the learning curve is short. There are only five commonly used buttons (add, edit, delete, download, filter).

This frees up bandwidth for restaurant owners and managers to focus on the stuff that actually matters, like the dining experience. 

Seeing restaurants leverage Axial to rapidly improve their bottom line is gratifying, and it reinforces what I’ve seen time and again. When companies stop doing the things that don’t make sense, nothing accelerates their business faster.

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