Profitable Restaurants

The Cornerstones Of Running A Profitable Restaurant

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With the proper mindset and the right software, restaurant owners can achieve better profitability. But you can’t just cut your way there. It takes a holistic approach that addresses all four cornerstones of running a restaurant.

Inventory Usage

The Advantage Of Inventory Usage Reports

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The most efficient restaurants understand their inventory throughout the day and are able to make adjustments on the fly. Learn how this is possible and what these inventory usage reports look like.

Restaurant Managers

Managing A Restaurant: Expectations vs. Reality

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Imagine a career where the demands of the job are largely detached from what it is you’re being graded on. That is what managing a restaurant is like for too many people. It’s time to acknowledge the problem and solve it.

Performance Feedback

The Value Of Performance Feedback In Restaurants

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Feedback is a gift, but too often in restaurants, employees operate in a vacuum with little communication on their performance. The most profitable restaurants emphasize accurate, timely, constructive, and focused feedback with their staff. This is how they do it.

Working On Restaurant Software

The Software Conundrum Facing The Restaurant Industry

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Technology is an integral part of the restaurant industry, but the software landscape facing restaurant operators is fragmented and confusing. It’s time for a better solution that is simple, intuitive, and that makes sense in the day-to-day flow of a restaurant.